Tek Leather Tool Bag, Plain, 11 1/2 x 4 1/4, Roll

There comes a time on just about every trip, vacation, or ride across town, when a biker wishes that they had their tools with them. From a loose lug nut to a complete oil change, no biker can afford to be without their tools just in case something does go wrong. But you do not want to use the precious space in your saddlebags to carry tools that can take up a lot of room, so what do you do?

You can not simply carry them in your pocket, and you can not just tie them down on your luggage rack. Well, Edge Leather has just what you need – a leather roll tool bag that easily straps to your bike and holds your tools securely in place. This durable leather tool bag is perfect for holding the essential tools you need to make a quick repair while you are on the road. It stands up to the elements and to the wear and tear that use can put on it. The best part is, it will not break your wallet, and you will always have your tools handy when you are away from your garage.

Motorcycle Saddle Bag

Tough, roomy, and durable, our saddle bags are hardily reinforced so that you can have confidence that your motorcycle luggage won’t sag but will retain their shape for years to come. Pair your saddle bags with Ghost Brackets saddlebag supports — the preferred saddlebag brackets system — to turn these hard motorcycle saddle bags into detachable saddlebags! Our bike saddlebags support both metric, cruisers and sport bikes, and can be used as Harley Davidson Fatboy saddlebags, Harley Heritage softail saddlebags, honda rebel saddlebags, indian motorcycle saddlebags, harley saddlebags, lowrider saddlebags, Suzuki saddlebags, Yamaha saddlebags and more! Our Collection includes nylon saddlebags, soft motorcycle saddlebags, and hard motorcycle saddlebags.

IMPORTANT: One important thing to remember when making any saddlebag purchase: Motorcycle saddlebags DO NOT come with the nesecary mounting brackets to install them on a motorcycle. In the past, people used to be forced to bolt their saddle bags on to their motorcycle permanently never to have the saddlebags removed again. This often caused surface scratches to the paint and chrome on the fenders of the bike, and made it a daunting task to fully clean the motorcycle all around the saddle bags.

Luckilly, saddlebag owners today have an option that their riding ancestors would have killed for: Ghost Brackets. Ghost Brackets are a proven, quick-release saddlebag support system which allows the rider to safely attach and remove saddlebags in under 10 seconds flat. When mounted, Ghost Brackets hold your saddlebags safely and securely and provide you with the ease and comfort of being able to remove your saddlebags in a snap. With Ghost Brackets, there’s the added benefit of having no ugly hardware hanging on the bike once the saddlebags are removed. Instead, the motorcycle looks just like it did when it left the factory floor. (Click here for more information about Ghost Brackets.

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We also carry a range of saddlebag supports, such as the ever-popular Ghost Brackets–a fully-functional support kit which transforms your mounted motorcycle luggage into detachable saddle bags.

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